Friday, September 16, 2005

Weekend tom-foolery

This weekend will prove to be exciting... I think.

Word has it that this weekend is Dallas' gay pride parade, which starts startlingly close to my neigborhood. Maybe I'll turn out to take pics.

Also, vintage shopping with Dave, the Son Volt show, and we might run over to Josh's party, that is if the olives are chilled and the rims are salted.

Sunday morning will be an early breakfast, followed by a Rangers game with Dave's parents. Fun, indeed.

Sunday afternoon, I'm off to Tracy's to feed the frogs. I hope he allows me to take pictures of them, because I'm absolutely infatuated with their brightly colored beauty.

Now that I have my entire weekend planned out, I feel like it's already over. That's no fun. I feel that when I schedule my off-time, it's like it's already over; it's like I'm just waiting for it all to be over. It's like I've already planned its completion.

No fun.

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