Monday, September 19, 2005

All of the sudden...

Monday is beautiful.

I just read an article about North Korea's abandonment of nuclear armaments. That's music to my ears! They're dropping the proliferation in exchange for energy aid, economic cooperation and the respect of eachother's sovreignty.

That's all they needed. And hopefully, God willing, this bridge will allow North Koreans to see what freedom is, and maybe this diplomacy will change the regime from the inside out. Before long, I hope the sounds of a populace renouncing their "Dear Leader" will be a chorus of forgiveness to both North and South.

Also, I have discovered the new 8th wonder of the world... Carrot Cake Cookies... HOW DIVINE!!!


MattJ said...

Carrot Cake Cookies?

Just when you lose faith in humanity, some angel creates something so divine you can see a flicker of hope.

I don't care what you do. I don't care how you do it. You find this potential Nobel Prize winner, you extract the recipe by any means necessary. You send it to Matt.

I have money. Please. If you do, I'll give you my recipe for the best Lamb Curry you'll ever eat.

Good move with the word verification.

lunaliar said...

Those cookies can be yours... at a price... ;)

MattJ said...

oooh! you pusher you! And I thought you were such a sweet girl.

lunaliar said...

I am only as sweet as the cookies let me on to be!

No, really... postage paid and I'll get you the cookies...