Thursday, September 22, 2005

*** Latest Rita update from the family***

Kara had to go to work today, but I'm pretty sure that hair is one of the least concerns of her clients, which are located near a major U.S. river with a hurricane closing in on the Texas shore. Their worries of flooding and wind damage should be foremost; however, I'm sure that there are some that wouldn't miss an appointment to their hair stylist for anything.

Mom and Dad are battening down the hatches. They're trying to keep Jessica from panicking, which is weird because she's in Madisonville, a small town at the junction of I-45 and Hwy. 21. Jessica always panics. Mom is bringing in as many potted plants as she can. Dad is working on preparations as well... I hope he stashed a bottle of Crown for the storm.

Phillip and Megan: haven't heard. Sara: I'm sure she's fine.


MattJ said...

Can't imagine what it's like, knowing people in the path of somehting so powerful. I'm sure they are all good though, you sound sensible enough so that's got to come from them right?

And if any damage is caused don't worry - they have the Mum and Dad genes now. He'll see it as an excellent excuse to buy more power tools and do things with wood no one else understands, and she will become an affectionately despotic military leader with unbelievable baking skills.

lunaliar said...

It's like you've known my family for years...