Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baptised by Fluffy White Snow

There are people in Maine, in Massachusetts, and Montana (and perhaps other states in the US that don't start with the letter M) that will laugh at me when I say this, but for me, it is true:

Snow is so fucking amazing.

And you know what, there are people all along the east coast right now that are griping about how much snow there is, and how cold it is, and how they can't go anywhere, and I have two suggestions for them:

Learn how to knit or get netflix on demand.

And sometimes there are people in Dallas that go a little crazy when we have a "weather event" (not even fucking joking, some weather girl called the snow in Dallas today a "snow event") and traffic comes to a dead stop and it takes an hour to get anywhere when it would normally take 20 minutes, worst case scenario.

But for me, it's worth it. We got 6 inches of snow today. The fluffy white stuff came down in huge flakes and flurries all day, and it was beautiful and magical and wholly amazing. We let our Great Pyrenees mix, Hornsby, frolick as much as he wanted in the crunchy mass. We were delighted by the impromptu snowball fights and snowmen and cardboard sleds. Heck, as soon as we got home, we made one ourselves:

(That last one, well, I was racing back to Dave and "Norman" before the camera timer went off and I slipped. Notice that I'm laughing.)

It was such a beautiful day. I have no regrets, well, except for the meltdown Dave and I had as we tried to navigate traffic out of downtown Dallas while everyone was driving like the road was made of eggshells. I regret that.

Otherwise, it was wonderful, it's still so beautiful outside, and it's still snowing. 

Tomorrow is going to be like Anna Wintour, though -- an icy bitch.

I think I'll take a snow day.