Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Notes on Motherhood

I've been writing this post in my head for about three months, so here goes:

1. The first two weeks of being a mother are incredibly difficult and incredibly rewarding, and every time someone asks me if we'd consider having another baby, I think back to those two weeks ...

2. I cannot believe how many raised eyebrows I get over the whole cloth diapering business. It's not that hard, people! Civilization has been cloth diapering for a lot longer than we've been throwing them away.

3. Buying organic cotton disposable diapers is a slippery slope. It lets your in laws know what brand of disposable you would buy in the instance that you are traveling/going to a day-long event, which leads them to buy a huge package of them and leave them at your house. (I'm considering hiding them so we won't think about using them. Fer crissakes, just do the damn laundry, Jo.)

4. Breastfeeding is very hard. This has been my biggest disappointment after having to have a C-section. From the start I was dead-set on breastfeeding exclusively (much like I was dead-set on having a natural child-birth ...) But you know what they say: Man plans, God laughs. I've tried myriad things but haven't been able to produce more than two ounces at any one pumping session. I still haven't exhausted all of my options, so I'll keep trying. Still, though, it makes me feel like a huge failure.

5. Before, and even while I was pregnant, I never thought I'd want to be a stay-at-home mom. And while it's not economically feasible for me to stay home, it's all I think about sometimes.

6. Cooper has the most amazing little personality. At almost 3.5 months, we're finally getting him figured out. He learns new things at an astonishing pace, and he's growing so fast. He was never really tiny, but it's incredible how big he's gotten so quickly. And he's so quick with a smile. These things are really what makes parenthood worth it.

7. If I ever had a hard time keeping up with the chores before we had Cooper, I am now in a permanent state of behind-edness.

8. Also, I still feel like I have pregnancy brain. "Behind-edness?" GOOD LORD. USE YOUR WORDS, WOMAN.