Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dear friend across the pond,

I always cook... Feel free to send me recipies whenever! I'm always looking for a new side dish, or main dish, or just a dish, for that matter. Dish ... now it's lost ... meaning is lost.

I grew up on outdated British comedy. Oh, I miss the days of "Are you being served?" and "Keeping up Appearances." But, I've heard raves about "The league of gentlemen," and all of it's nasty hilarity (bodies and hatchets, included of course).

Benny Hill, you say? Genius, I hear. I don't get to watch the telly too much anymore. So busy with domesticity and youngblood angst. That, and pouring over the blogs of strangers, reading into the details of their everyday lives. It's like remote voyeurism, dontcha think?

I just had a Cherry Limeade. Organic, no less.


MattJ said...

Luckily the Beeb doesn't inflict Benny hill or Keeping Up appearances on us anymore. Don't get me wrong. It was fun as a kid in the 80's but that's where they should remain!

League of Gentlemenis Genius, but it's kind of one of thos you really have to watch in sequence or you miss it. Kind of classify it as Horror Comedy i guess. The Movie that just came out is Genius, they took a brave move of using background characters as the mains in the movie. Quality.

Watch your inbox, Matts fav's are on the way soon! lol!

PS It was the 'little temple' blog that I found pretentious.

Famulus said...

How can people talk about Old British Comedy Greats without a single, humbling reference to Fawlty Towers???

Good grief people. You are quite right about this list of greats provided that you stick this at the top. I would also like to agree with Matt (not for the first time, it appears) that whilst these are wonderful and incite glorious memories, lets keep them in DVD/Video boxes under the bed. They might not stand the test of time quite as well as we'd want.