Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Completely absurd

Just now I'm reading the news and it seems that some of my lean-to evangelicals are stating that Hurricane Katrina was an "act of God" to rid the earth of what would have been a 125,000-strong gay celebration called "Southern Decadence." One right-winger was quoted saying that God intervened to show New Orleans that it cannot continue to espouse the practices of abortion, sodomy and feminism.

However, an atheist researcher stated that referring to the outcome of a natural disaster that impedes a group with which one may disagree is just "moral hand-washing."

But, this is my take on it.

If it was a Southern Baptist Convention that was hit by Katrina rather than the Southern Decadence street festival, the government has just as much an obligation to the right-wingers as it does the opposing left. The feds should have lept into the fire for New Orleans just the same as it would jet into a burning building to save Jerry Falwell.

One evangelical even saw a vision in the swirls of Katrina. He said that he saw a vision of an 8-week-old embryo. He said it was a sign from God that New Orleans had to be punished.

My God is a vengeful one, but He does not kill the wicked and not spare the innocent. May He grace these hearts and minds of those who wish to presuppose His will...

... Lord, please forgive the nutcases ... they know not what they do.

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MattJ said...

Luckily I am need of something else to complain about as my internet has been turned on now! woohoo!

Sadly these extremists will always have a voice and a platform with which to espouse their hateful gospel. Their complete inability to read the Christian message as meant is always going to appeal to those with open or barely concealed bigotry. The parallels with the Wahhabism movement (most often the chosen path of those guilty of cowardly terrorist attacks) in Islam are astonishing, though thankfully I doubt that the majority of Christians (the decent ones) will not be tarred with the same brush as these hopeless defects in the same way the followers of Islam have been.