Monday, September 19, 2005

A lump in my throat...

I just read his blog, and it was no easy task to keep myself from commenting on it. He published his thoughts, and although there were no names attached to them, I know in my heart who he's talking about. But he's wrong.

Maybe my refusal to talk to him after things ended wasn't such a good idea. I'm learning, you know... I'm seeing that I don't always know what is best. And that makes me think, that, if I don't know what's best, then how do I know that I'm doing my best, or what's best for me? It kind of makes me re-evaluate my decisions lately. Do I really know what I'm doing?

I'm going through life just guessing and hoping for the best. It's a rather romantic way to live, but it definately spawns large amounts of uncertainty. I've become impassioned about myself and my pursuits. I hope that it's the right direction, though.

If it sounds like I'm looking at things differently, maybe you're right. Maybe I'm seeing myself just a little bit clearer. Maybe I'm understanding what I was too blind to understand/see/realize in the first place.

I'm too young, stupid and deluded to be right all of the time. Too arrogant to fault myself and too proud to reckon it.

If you thought I did anything good for you; anything at all... then it was worth it.

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