Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bathroom shame

Ever noticed that some people don't really acknowledge you if they're walking to or from a public restroom? What are they ashamed of? Really, people. We all have been in public restrooms, and honestly, there are only a handful of activities that you can do while in a public restroom. We all know what they are, and two of them are activities that EVERYONE does.

So why the shame? Why do these people not return a greeting after exiting the public toilet?

Here's my theory: We, as a species, aren't ready to embrace the "unspeakable" bodily functions of others outside of a joke or a frat party. Honestly, there's nothing to be ashamed of, but we instill this modest and proper behavior into our society. Why? Because it is, and always will be, a dirty little secret.

There is one thing that I know, I'm not ashamed.

Be warned. If you exit a public toilet around me, I will proceed to greet you and/or ask you if you feel better.


MattJ said...

Viv La Revolution!

Aubbie said...

I think its the "where were your hands 30 seconds ago" bit.

lunaliar said...

This is true, Aubs... But still, if they don't realize that we all do it, then when will the unnecessary modesty end?