Saturday, August 13, 2005

Thought you might enjoy having this close by...

I love getting mail in big yellow envelopes from my mother. It always means that there will be a slew of hot-pink Post-It notes slapped on each individual envelope or publication that is contained in said "big yellow envelope." I ripped open said envelope to find one Texas Monthly magazine, one Women's Golf magazine, a few other pieces of mail and a cookbook. First, a note that said "Hugs and Kisses XOXOX," caught my eye... It gave me a giggle. "So sweet of her," I thought. Then, plastered on another envelope was a Post-It proclaiming, "Love You!" My eyes began to tear.

Then, I recognized the cover of the cookbook. It was from a long time ago. I opened it, my eyes widened and then I closed it shut as if what I saw would not be there if I peeked inside again. On the cover was a Post-It saying "Thought You Might Enjoy Having This Close By."

The cookbook was from Forest Hills Green Thumb Garden Club, circa 1991. It was given to me that year by Isadora Breed, my grandmother. Scribed on the inside cover of the cookbook, which was titled Recipes to Warm the Heart (how apropos!), was a note from my grandmother saying,"To Joanna, From Granny, Christmas 1991."

The slant of her writing brought back so many memories of the day that she died. The notes with her script were all over the house, and every time I saw and read one I began to cry. I miss her, incredibly so.

My mother was right. I do enjoy having it close by.

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