Friday, August 19, 2005

Rattle me bones...

That's my new staff photo. The photographer said that it'll be hanging out downstairs so everyone can check me out. Ummm... I don't know what that means, like it's a personal ad saying "Hey, here's our newest female employees, for a good time call..."

Just kidding. I know that's not the case!

Dez: I AM SO FREAKIN' SORRY FOR BAILING ON YOU LAST NIGHT!!! For obvious reasons, we had to get out of there. Dave got a little tipsy a little too quick, but that man has sworn up and down that drinking like that is something he can, and will, go without. So, he'll be going without, or he'll be GOING WITHOUT!!! :)

So, that's that. It was nice to meet Tim, and I think that last drink really did me in. But, all in all, Lone Star never lets me down!


Desiree said...

Sometimes it's a good idea to close up the shop when the natives are getting rowdy....Very Rowdy! Oh the possession of Alcohol...The all consuming liquid insanity that drives us to lowered inhibitions and partial lunacy. No need for apologies...a warm bed and some much needed relaxation awaited me...I too believe that all signs pointed to the dramatic exit so masterfully exhibited last night.

lunaliar said...

Oh, the natives were OUT OF CONTROL! And talk about drama... ;)