Wednesday, August 17, 2005

From the cheap seats...

... all you can see is the aftermath of the recent FBI investigation expansion, which resulted in subpoenas to more Dallas City Council members. Yes, it is true that all of the people that are under investigation are black, but speculation that the bureau's probe is therefore "racist" is unfounded. I personally see the fact that if you are corrupt, then the investigation will catch you, but if you aren't, then you're free and clear once the investigation finds otherwise.
"They're going to make the Los Angeles riots look like a picnic," Mr. Fantroy said. "Why is this all just black folks? Why is it when it comes to us, we're guilty the minute there are accusations?"
Racism is not something that our government takes lightly. I'm not saying that the FBI singled out only black members of the Dallas City Council, which is highly speculative in itself considering that an act of racism is so incredibly difficult to prove without an actual racist comment. In the event that they actually did (which is again, highly unlikely), there are measures and avenues that keep that kind of discrimination at bay, especially in an investigation with such a high profile as this.

So, Fantroy's subversive call to arms is unconscionable and totally without logic. The problem with such speech is that this black leader (who, to my best knowledge, was one of the first mentioned in the investigation along with Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill and D'Angelo Lee) said that this situation was going to result in riots. Why, OH GOD WHY, would a leader say that? No one else in public office has so openly talked about the possibility of rioting. The sheer fact that riots were mentioned is like an incitement to Dallas' perceived disenfranchised minority populace.

Now, Laura Miller is talking about Lee's resignation. Good idea, bad timing. Her calls are just opening the door to more speculation from minority council members that she is the driving force behind the FBI's investigation (which is silly speculation, as well, especially considering the fact that she's just the mayor, and has no jurisdiction in a federal investigation). And not only that, but her calls for resignation are fueling the flames of the already rampant racial division in the city. But, it gets worse...

Dr. Maxine Thornton-Reese, one of Millers more soft-spoken critics (and I'm using that term comparatively, especially in light of Sir Fantroy of Finger-pointing), is now under investigation, as well as fellow council member Leo Chaney and two members of the Dallas Plan Commission.

Now, I don't know what to think. I'm an IUPG (Innocent Until Proven Guilty) kind of gal, but this is starting to look really bad. Where's Schutze when you need him???

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