Monday, August 22, 2005

Attn: Kind Aggie we met on the street...

I would just like to thank you, even though I'm having trouble remembering your name. How unlikely that we were just standing outside Nasher Sculpture Center when you walked up, told us that we should really see the sculptures from the interior, and volunteered your membership to us. How kind, and how very Aggie, of you.

Jo and Dave

It's incredible that this happened the day after Dave and I were riding back from the Highland Village Balloon Festival (which sported only one balloon in the air, due to concerns of wind and the proximity to water), when we exited 635 to be confronted with two cars of Hispanic men, one of which decided to pull alongside us. A passenger got out of a gray Taurus with a glass full of brew and dumped it in the driver's seat of a low-riding Chevy S-10 in front of us. The man then proceeded to punch and pull on the driver of the black S-10 until the light turned green and the truck pulled away. The driver of the mini-truck then tossed a mallet out of his window, I'm guessing in an attempt to thwart the driver of the Taurus from following them any further.

In any case, Nasher Sculpture Center was amazing, and I'll post pics of some of the sculptures we saw, maybe even a Picasso or two. The exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art by Gordon Parks was INCREDIBLE. I'm glad that I was talked into it. From there we wandered the museum to check out all of the historic art installments along with some really great pieces by native Texans. All in all, the DMA is a great place to spend a few weekend hours.

So, it's back to work on Monday, and already I'm waiting for the weekend.

What's to look forward to, you ask?
-- Rangers game tomorrow
-- Trivia on Wednesday

I'll keep you "posted," darlin'.

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