Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Energy alley, a series of oil drilling platforms just off the Gulf coast, has become inundated, meaning that several, if not most of the platforms used for drilling, sequestering and initial capture of crude have been completely LOST due to Hurricane Katrina.

What does this mean, America? First, it means that the sudden and sharp spike in gasoline prices might actually be warranted. Second, it means that soon there will be a domestic shortage in oil. Third, it means that the Bush Administration is justified in dipping into our Strategic Petroleum Reserves. And lastly, we're screwed.

Why, you ask? Because we're oil-oholics.

I'll tell you this, too: I haven't put gas in my car in over a month. That's right. Rhonda hasn't been to the fueling station in more than 4 weeks.

Why? PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION!!! I can't stress this enough. I mean, I don't really like snobby Europeans, but man, they have that down pat. Public transportation will lessen domestic reliance on petroleum and increase the tax base of government as long as the operation of the public transport remains in the hands of the public. Fares will go directly into the budget of public trasport. Taxes will from citizens will only be used to fund infrastructure and initial construction of lines and avenues to further develop public transportation.

No offense, motorists, but you're killing us all. Please abandon your portable self-containment for a more earth-conscious way of mobility. I also advocate two-wheeled transportation, SMARTcars and cyclists.

Get out of your freakin' SUVs and get into a train or bus, for crissakes!

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