Thursday, August 04, 2005

Desiree made an interesting point last night. It really made me think about a lot of the people that I lived with in college. The question I've been asking myself is simple, but has no simple answer:

The people that are with you today may not be tomorrow, but does that mean that they are any less of a friend/acquaintance now because you may know that they lack permanence?

If I meet someone today, should I treat them as if they will be a friend for the rest of my life? Should I assume that this is possible?

I have so many things on my mind right now. It's like being so overcome with emotion and thought that you feel as if your physical body can't take it. The conversation last night with Desiree solidified a lot of conceptions I had about who I am post-college. So much more than just another kid with a degree, right? She seems to have a path somewhat parallel to the line I'm walking right now, but that illusion can come from 5 Lone Stars, a bull blaster and a proposition from some weirdo named Patrick.

Stan's Blue Note is better with a good friend.


Desire'e said...
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Desire'e said...

I love Driving Miss Dallas!!! I now realize how very much the combination of alcohol with outward thinking creates the worst verbal diarrhea humanly possible. Thanks for being a great porcelain thrown....I know I left a lot to flush!!! Have a great day Miss Worthan...Hoke sends her love.

lunaliar said...

Oh, if you would only grace the seat of power more often, dollface!

Oh, by the way... Where's Patrick's number again? There are urinals all over Lower Greenville just waiting to be tagged with it!