Saturday, July 23, 2005


So, if you've been wondering what I've really been up to for the past few weeks, below you will find a pictoral of my weekend (and sometimes weekday) debauchery. Instead of having a virtual onslaught of media, from now on I will upload and post regularly, especially since I have teh intarweb in mi casa... MUY BUENO!!!

Everything's peachy. I rubbed elbows with Allen Faulkner (gracias, powers that be *you know who you are*). He'll hit me back, and for your information, that's a good thing (a la Martha Stewart).

Hopefully the Caffery and I will get together. However, if we don't, that just gives me one more thing to bitch to her about... I can see it now:

"I know Jo... You see, there was this thing with this guy from work, and he's cool, so we decided to hang out. Gas is so expensive now, and where I live, we can just walk to the bars. I'm sorry I bailed on you, but you know, a girls gotta do..."

***That exact conversation will not take place. Something really close to it will, I promise.***

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