Thursday, July 07, 2005


It has become increasingly clear that the war we wage worldwide is as ineffective towards the global goal of extinguishing terrorists as the EPA is in regards to efficiently remedying pollution and waste on the local scale.

What to do?

I think that our world is passive. So passive, in fact, that we seem to only walk through our lives in real consideration for only our own backyards.

In London we find that dozens of innocent lives have been oblitterated and several more people have been injured as a result of a foe we, as a global community, can neither catch nor truly identify without lumping an ethnic group together and making dangerous generalizations about their motives.

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PsychodynamicGroove said...

You're definitely right about the passivity. Unfortunately, those who have the most power and can make the greatest influence are also those who run the most risk for loss. Lets hope that there are those, when privileged with resources, pursue what is morally right for mankind. Better yet, lets all work together toward those achievements.