Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Like it wasn't enough...

That our world leaders wasted time in Scotland hammering out global issues -- which are completely unresolved -- that now, we're wasting more time, effort and resources tracking down a leak from the Bush administration that handed out the name of CIA agent Valerie Plame. We all know that Bush and his "goodfellas" are protected. It's like a bad Marlon Brando movie, or worse yet, it's an entire Sopranos season.

Rove is protected. He's "untouchable." Right? Just like Gonzales, Rove is one of G.W.'s buddies. It would have to be the hand of God coming down on Bush -- either that or his dad -- to get Rove in a position where justice can be served through upholding a promise that Bush Jr. made.

An editorial cartoon really struck a chord with me. It pictured Rove, Gonzales, Cheney and other Bush cronies around a poker table with W. saying something to the effect of "Anyone asks, we don't know nothin' about no stool pigeon squealing to the press. Got that, Karl?" and Rove responds "Sure thing, boss."

It's just like my mother said: Fair is fair for some and unfair for others.

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