Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Light at the end of the...


Yeah, so, on the way to work today on the DART rail, I was stuck in a tunnel for like, FORTYFIVEMINUTES next to a woman who was about to WIGOUT and probably throw a fit whilst doing the carpet-copter (you know, the thing that Homer does when he flips out).

I ended up being like ANHOURANDAHALF late to work because of it. I walked HALFAMILE in heels just to get to work. Am I frustrated? Yes. The people who got to work on time were the ones that didn't use public transportation. Is that a crock? YOU KNOW IT!


Last night was great. Caffery. You are the woman. I can't wait 'til she comes down the mountain to spend a weekender with me at my new pad. SPECTACULAR!



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