Thursday, July 14, 2005

I smell a revolution...

Lately, I've been soaking up as much information on Dallas politics as I can, that is, outside the influence of the intelligentsia and self-proclaimed politicos. It has become apparent that this city needs to become unified if it wants to survive what is ahead. I won't lie to you. I think this city needs a serious overhaul.

Let me offer an analogy: If the Dallas political system was a car, it would be a DeLorean. Why, you ask? Because it's intriguing when you look at it, it's fun to take out every once in a while; but the fact is, no one works on them anymore, so if it breaks down, you're screwed.

I think that once I do a bit more research, gather a bit more information and acclimate myself to Dallas' dismal political system, my opinions and motivation will be honed and sharpened.

Another idea: What if we started a grass-roots campaign for city unity? What if we all just got together and started forming an opinon? What if we could all make an effort to be a united front against corrupt politicians and apathy?

Would it work?

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