Thursday, July 28, 2005

About a block away...

A woman was brutally murdered from "blunt force trauma" to the head and then robbed. I knew that this could possibly happen; however, I didn't think that I would be racked with this kind of shock so soon and so very close to home. This happened over the last weekend, which was followed by an incident on Monday wherein I was followed off of the DART rail at the Lovers Ln. Station.

But, on that same Monday, as I was walking to work a man riding a bicycle saw me and waved. We met later at the train station. He approached me, we talked for a bit, he introduced himself and he seemed like a nice guy. I'm not saying underhandedly that he wasn't, or that he has the capability to murder a random individual (which probably wasn't so random considering his target was a woman... he must have watched her at some time or was somewhat familiar with her). What I am saying is that all of the great interaction I've had with people since I moved here suddenly made me think twice.

Of all of the people that I've met, how many of them could be murderers, rapists, theives, vandals and/or gang members? How many of them would be willing to take advantage of me and my kindness? How on earth can I possibly continue to exist without fear or suspicion of other people?

Now, I will acknowledge that I do have a choice. Just like Londoners made their choice not to live in fear after the 7/7 bombings, I choose not to live in fear as well. If that fear must be assuaged by better arming myself to fend off these would-be attackers and perpetrators, then so be it.

Maybe Josh was right ... I think I need a six-gun.

Nah ... I'll probably get a tazer and a can of Mace.

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PsychodynamicGroove said...

Mace and Pepper Spray, especially would be good. Tazers, unfortunately, does not work on everyone but it will work on most. As far as value and effectiveness goes, I recommend Pepper Spray and (or) Mace. They used to sell a bunch of this stuff and had demonstrations at the flea market :}