Friday, July 08, 2005

The dogs of war...

I'm not sure if it made me feel any safer than yesterday (and I did feel a bit uneasy when taking the train home last night, but nothing really serious to stop me from doing it), but this morning as I was getting off of the train I was greeted by a couple of police on bicycles, about 5 officers and two bomb-sniffing dogs at Union Station. These measures, no doubt, were put in place to ease the public body after the attacks on London by al-Zarqawi's miscreants. Did it make me feel any better? Still not sure.

I do know this: I tried to take a picture to send to my parents of the heightened security at the train station, but as I pulled out my camera, an officer approached me and told me that he would rather me not take pictures of officers on the platform.

"But, there are news cameras here, everyone's just going to see it on the evening news, what's the big deal?" I asked.

According to the officer, here's the big deal: The officers are doing what was ordered of them to help protect the public from the possibility of a terrorist attack on the city's mass transit system.

So, I'm thinking the logic is that they can't catch a terrorist if the terrorists know that they are there, because chances are, the cowardly bastards would avoid direct confrontation.

So, pictures are a no-no in order to make sure that we are safe...

I think I'll go suck my thumb becuase I've been pacified by 'the man.'

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