Saturday, January 02, 2010

Am I a planner or a worrier?

Yesterday I was mapping out our spending for 2010. There are going to be some significant financial changes for us this year, and I want us to be ready for them. When I think budgeting, I think about spreadsheets and calculations, but it can be simpler than that. It can be as easy as making a list of necessities and luxuries and deciding what you can live without.

Because we have never taken the time to really look at our discretionary spending, our list of luxuries is pretty long. I didn't realize it, but we do go out and spend money on concerts, bars, restaurants, travel, and yarn.

But our expenses are going to increase this year. I bought a new car and our income taxes are going to be ridiculous, too, because my unemployment benefits weren't taxed. Not to mention that our insurance premiums will likely go up.

Dave says that thinking about all of this stuff on a vacation day makes me a worrier, but I'd consider myself an expert planner. What do you think?


Kyla Roma said...

I think that if you were worrying about it and are just running it all over in your mind, you might be a worrier, but it sounds like you're looking at your discretionary spending and making a plan, so in my books you're a stunningly brilliant planner. =)

wanderingtex said...

Definite planner. I have a hard time sleeping if I don't know where and what my money is doing - that has been a big problem of mine the past year. Not in 2010! I've already got my budget started and am doing my taxes today.

People who say stuff like that doesn't matter are usually the people who are either 1. rich or 2. about to complain about being broke.

Good for you - make that budget!! :)

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

I wish I had the- determination?- to make a budget and stick with it. Josh and I really only have one vice- food- but we spent an inordinate portion of our income eating out and in well. I'd like to change that, but... well we don't shop, go to bars, or travel, so part of me feels entitled to our little indulgence.

Maybe it would feel less indulgent if we budgeted for it? Food for thought, thanks for that.

Miss Dallas said...

Kyla:I am always trying to enjoy the best of times and plan for the worst of times. Not everything goes according to plan, but I'm at least giving it the old college try.

Tex: I am the exact same way. I can't sleep if there are too many variables. I have to know what's going to happen with my money, otherwise I'll run contingencies through my head until I get upset.

Maiden: We try to budget our little, sinful luxuries. We have been known to over-indulge, but we don't eat out at fancy restaurants often. When we do, we try to order modestly. It's not the most fun, but I'm lucky, as a vegetarian, that veggie fare is less expensive than other options.