Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Seasonal shift

I can tell that it's spring in Texas because:

- The weather alternates from completely soggy, warm and sunny, to insanely windy and cold.

- Beautiful buds on trees are accompanied by heinous amounts of pollen.

- We had our first six-egg day, which means that, now that the days are longer, all of the chickens are laying!

- Many of our windowsills are covered in seedlings readying for transplant to the garden.


Chris said...

I'm looking forward to breaking my sneezing record of two years ago. I managed 22 in a row and was completely wiped out afterwards.

Olivia said...

I'm at the ready with Claritin for the first day this week when the sun comes out.

Six eggs in one day - you won't be able to keep up soon!