Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Dreariness and depression surrounds us, and it is often easy to just wallow in it. The economy is bad, newspapers are dying, the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

Instead of freaking out, I make stuff. In fact, The Metallurgist's post on her recent thrifting finds is very encouraging. I'm glad people are getting crafty instead of getting too depressed.

So, in an effort to make old new again, I'm making my own underwear.


Yes, I made my first pair of recycled t-shirt knickers this past weekend. No, I will not model them. (That was actually the first question that Dave asked.)

Are they perfect? No. It's a learning experience. I now know to put more stock into pattern sizes and seam allowances. I'm also a little more practiced with finishing techniques, too. I'll likely make several more pairs.

See? Underwear can help you deal with the economy. Baby steps, people.


Olivia said...

Forget the crickets, you are so cool!

Or maybe I'm uncool for thinking you're cool.

But nevertheless, I admire all your thrifty efforts.

Jo said...

Thanks Liv! Most folks think I'm crazy, especially when Hanes are like, 3 pairs for 5 bucks. They're hideous, though, and not eco-friendly like recycled t-shirt knickers! :D

Lisa said...

This is awesome. I absolutely love you for this.