Sunday, March 08, 2009

A journey to the center of Texas: Part one.

From my Moleskine:


If I were to oversimplify this weekend, a long one at that, I'd say that I saw a show, bought some yarn and fabric and went camping with Dave. But it was so much more than that ...

Outside of the ritual, like the stop at the Czech Stop in West, Texas, on our way to Austin, everything about this trip has been an adventure. Dave and I had never been to the capitol together, and I had never been whil it was in session. It was both beautiful and fascinating:

(Ed. Note: If you have limited tolerance for the Texas Star, chances are you'll tire of these photos rather quickly. My mother, though, will likely revel in them. She's a big fan of the iconic five-point star and a major Texana buff.)




A few views of the famous pink dome, made of granite quarried from Marble Falls, Texas. The Texas Capitol building is the largest state capitol building in the U.S. and its dome is taller than our nation's capitol building in Washington, D.C.


The capitol rotunda, with a five-pointed star at the apex that is surrounded by the letters spelling "TEXAS."


A hall leading to representative offices, each having a large, carved wooden doorframe with very detailed frosted glass.


Chairs from the agricultural history display room.


These unique cast door hinges are on every door in the capitol building.


Etched glass on the magnificent doors.


Dave poses on one of the large staircases that lead to the House Chambers.


The Texas House Chambers.


A detailed view of the chandeliers in the House Chambers.


Dave tries to snag a mint that a State Rep. has stashed in their desk.


One of the many large terrazo floor inlays in the capitol building. This one is under the rotunda.


The Texas Senate Chambers.


Detail of the chandelier in the Senate Chambers.



Gallery level of the House Chambers.


Looking to the rotunda from the hallway on the gallery level.


Closer view of the rotunda.


Even closer still.


Hallway to the basement addition.


Terazzo inlay in the basement addition.


One of many Texas DPS officers guarding the capitol building. This one watches over the main concourse in the basement.


A view of the dome through the atrium windows in the basement addition.


Stephanie said...

Great pics! I love visiting our state's capital. You know, the squirrels there will come to you. Kind of icky, but kind of cool, too if you can get over the fact they're furry, long tailed rats.

Olivia said...

Oooh Gorgeous Rotunda pics, I nearly drooled.

I like the five points to everything, but really love the Texas door hinges! Nobody else does it quite like that eh?

Olivia said...

I mean, think about it. Texas is such a strong identity, with a full serving of state pride.

You wouldn't find Utah hinges in Salt Lake City, or New York hinges in Albany, that's for sure.

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Anonymous said...

You are so right about your Mother!!!! And your pics are beautiful!!!! Awe inspiring, I don't believe I've ever seen better!!!!!!!
Texan--through and through!!!!