Sunday, March 22, 2009

One more addiction to feed

I did something today that I'm not proud of.

I did something today that I told myself for the longest time I wouldn't do.

I did something today that was pleasurable, but will likely end up costing me in the long run.

What did I do?


I started spinning.

Now I can buy fiber and spin it into yarn. With that yarn I can now knit stuff. Talk about cutting out the middleman.

First I start making my own underwear, now I'm keeping warm straight from the sheep's back!



Olivia said...


I want to bury my hands in that wool! (It is wool, right?)

Seriously, beer and yarn and spinning? What fun.

Jo said...

It's all wool! I finished a huge bunch of that fiber, but it looks like I haven't even put a dent in it!

It's great, though, because I can spin and watch TV, whereas it's really hard to knit and watch!

sequined said...

That sounds so cool! I want to hear more about it!