Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What to expect when you're reflecting

So, lots of pregnancy surrounds me. My neighbors down the street are preggers, some of my childhood friends are either pregnant or just had babies, and a lot of my friends have children. My sister just had a baby not to long ago, too.

I think I've been in this situation before.

Oh doo doo.


So I've been thinking some, mostly about how friendships change and stuff when friends start having babies and doing the family thing. Mostly I think about how scary it must be to be responsible for someone's life that you love more than anything else, and how ridiculously unprepared most people are for this drastic change, even those people who think they've got it all figured out.

And I've been wondering if I'd change, and how much I'd change, if we decided to have kids. Would our marriage become easier or harder? Would we fight a lot? Would we drown in responsibility?

Makes me wonder why anyone really wants to have kids in the first place.


I just found out that a girl I went to school with like, for my childhood, was on Beauty and the Geek in the first season.


Yeah, she was in several of my accelerated classes, but was usually copying the work of several friends. She's now a lingerie model, but we once went to the same Baptist church.

I really am trying to be astonished, but it kinda seems more or less a likely progression.


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

My friends are having babies all over the place too. I'm having wine and raw-milk cheeses!

junius worth said...

that sounds better right now to me. driving miss dallas has plenty of possible baby time left.

MattJ said...

yeah! damn kids! I'm sick of parents getting tax breaks and stuff for filling up the world with mroe offspring. I'm with Bill hicks: 'How about we stop for a minute and work out this whole food/air deal first?!'

I think we should get monies for NOT propogating. And pie too. Money adn pie. And some kind of badge. Or at least a hat.

junius worth said...

ah! the great bill hicks

Olivia said...

I know you don't want to hear it, but you have plenty of time. I understand how you feel time is passing, watching others reach those next milestones. But we all have different timeframes for things, you know I speak from experience.

I understand because lately I've been watching children, imagining how I'd be with my own. Yesterday I was observing a 6 year old on the subway doing her homework while her mom dozed off, thinking how I'd brush my daughter's hair every morning. How will I feel with the weight of my own toddler in my arms, the thought of it sometimes takes my breath away.

But of course, I am so far away from attaining any of this. You are much closer. And yet we could both get there equally slowly.

Jo said...

Liv, those words are so very comforting. Thank you so much!

sequined said...

Watching people have babies prompts so much reflection on where you life is going and how it will change when/if you go that route, too, and it's totally normal. Keep yourself in check by reminding yourself of how much you like your life and plans as they are and I think it'll be a little easier not to get too swept up in baby fever.

Also, Beauty and the Geek is a hilarious show, and I imagine that the girl you knew was a hoot to know in high school. At least for being blessedly clueless.

Kyla Bea said...

I love The Maiden's comment lol

I'm with you - I think that, in the sweetest ways something can be totally terrifying, parenthood would be terrifying. I know I'll eventually want to dive in, but not any time soon.