Monday, January 12, 2009

Something's missing

It's nice and chilly in the mornings here. I relish those last few moments in bed, under the lofty down comforter, snuggling with Fitzgerald and Hornsby, and Mr. Orange if he isn't busy chowing down on kitty kibble. And then the alarm becomes too arresting to ignore, and I have to get up, slip on my fuzzy suede slippers and feed the chickens.

But most days I'd rather get up and feed the chickens and be met with a nice, quiet layer of snow. Something in the landscape that tells you "Hey! Yoo hoo! It's winter!" Something that gives you a darn good reason to drink up all the coffee.

If only Dallas had more than two seasons: Hot and less hot.


Ponita said...

Just don't opt for freakingly brutal cold like up here in Winterpeg....

Olivia said...

I'm with Ponita - my dad said last week it was -18F in Calgary.

Right now in NYC it is 29F. On Friday it will be 14F with a cold index of -7F...tomorrow being 42F will probably feel so warm all I'll need is a jacket.

Dallas will be 51F tomorrow (checked it while on the phone with my friend in Plano) which to me now sounds fairly balmy!

sequined said...

You make winter feel so comfy and wonderful. I wish it were like that after the first week of it. Ha!

Jo said...

Ponita: I bet it's a good place to visit, though! I can just imagine dancing around in a crunchy layer of snowfall! YAY!

Liv: It's 33 outside right now. I've got two layers on: a knitted car coat and a longsleeve tee. No socks. It'll warm up to the upper 40s today. Tomorrow it'll be almost 60. No way any snow would stick in this weather!

Sequined: I was talking to a couple of women in my yoga class last night about how I wish we had four seasons in Dallas. They were both from Indiana. They both said, "Really, the snow and ice gets old. Quick."

But when this is all I've known all my life, getting excited over a couple of centimeters of snow that melts by noon, a thick layer of it to play in would be nice!

MattJ said...

There is little more satisfying than lying in a warm bed that is ina cold room. In the words of the Wumpus:

'Take that nature!'