Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Starting things off with a bang

I renewed my resolve this year to take the stairs up to my desk on the fourth floor of my building. Last Friday I was happily climbing the staircase, step by step, when the slick leather sole of my gorgeous, black Lucchese boots (thanks Dad!) gave way on the concrete stairs as I approached the fourth-floor landing.

In a fraction of a moment, I was flailing about, arms heavy with my computer, my coffee, my purse and my ID badge. I didn't want to crush my laptop screen, I didn't want to chuck coffee everywhere and I most certainly didn't want to drop my ID badge all the way back down to the first floor (that's a lot of stairs!).

So I let my face and my right knee break my fall.


My knee is still pretty black and blue, mostly due to the fact that when I fell I nailed the edge of the stairs dead on. My face was pretty red for most of the day, only partly due to embarassment, but mostly because I caught the railing with my cheekbone. I'm wincing just thinking about it.

I spent the next few hours at my desk, getting to know an ice pack and trying to read and write e-mail with one hand, which is much more difficult than over-30 Internet trolls make it seem.

I would post pictures of my awesome-looking bruise, but better judgment prevails.

I'll post soon about my awesome-faced three-day weekend.


sequined said...

Oh no! I hope your bruises heal fast!

db said...

This just confirms my suspicion that stairs, no matter how beneficial to our health, are just out to get us! They'll make you work hard and maybe shed a few pounds, but they also punch you in the knee and sock you in the face! Not cool. You know what? Why don't you give me their number. Yeah. I'm gonna call those stairs and I'm gonna let them have it!

I hope you heal quickly!!!

MattJ said...

Over 30 internet troll? You rang? :D

I hope you get all better soon - can i recommend you break your fall AND your laptop next time? Laptops are much more fun to replace than my peoples!

Olivia said...

Oof, you poor thing!

I think the laptop would have been tougher than you.