Friday, January 23, 2009

Always on the lookout for teachable moments

I was kind of fired up yesterday. Sorry about that. I have a lot of pent up indignation, which I have to reserve because my job requires that I pin my bias to the doorframe.

You see, I am a conservationist. I love the very essence of the earth and everything for which we have been endowed to protect as humans. I have, for a long time, been very tired of the excuses some humans make for their behavior.

God asked you to be a good steward of his creation. Many humans of a certain political persuasion are making a massive fail of it.

And another thing: Before folks criticize the incoming political regime because it's not theirs, and they dare categorize those who are excited about their hope for the future as "bandwagoners," I hope you realize that both politcal parties have their good and bad sides, none of them is without contempt, and that if you attempt to throw a stone, make sure your house isn't made of glass.

(I also beseech Americans to refrain from making in-depth politcal decisions until they know the top three forms of domestic entitlements and have read all of the articles of the Constitution.)



wanderingtex said...

yikes! i hope the people around you aren't getting you that fired up all the time! that would just be exhausting! i wish that more people could be a lot more open-minded and appreciative of other people's political beliefs - bc isn't that part of what america is based on? that we are free to live and politically participate however we may choose? that we can speak out against what we believe is wrong, but respect the opinions of those who differ? that we are allowed to be a heterogenous group with those three things in common? just take a deep breath and remind yourself that there are a lot of insufferable people out there. and thank god you aren't one of them!

Jo said...

Thanks, Tex. I totally agree that we should all be able to speak freely and disagree, but what really stirs my chaff is the constant misinformed maligning of one side to the other. It's totally unnecessary and shows the complete abandon of civility.

sequined said...

If more people were both open minded and informed, I think the entire world would be exponentially better off. We can all just hope that we head in that direction, right?

wanderingtex said...

you are totally right: knowledge is power!!! :)

(also, you just got tagged!)

Olivia said...

Oh wow, I just mentioned the good stewardship thing in my comment to your last post!

Right on.