Monday, January 19, 2009

I know far too much about Girl Scout cookies

Mostly because I was a Girl Scout for quite some time quite a while ago. This has not tempered my love of their cookies. Every year I scrape some dough together (see what I did there?) and buy one box of every flavor of Girl Scout cookies. I then stick 'em all in the freezer (did you know that, because of their fat content, Girl Scout cookies freeze exceptionally well?) and consume them gradually over the course of several months.

Now that I'm married, stretching the cookies out is really difficult.


We had my Bro-in-law over on Sunday, and he asked if we had anything sweet. Do we ever. I directed him to the multiple boxes of Girl Scout delicousness in the freezer. He obliged. And then, from the living room, after hearing him rustle through a couple boxes and then pull out one of them, I shouted, "Have any ones you want, EXCEPT THE PEANUTBUTTER TAGALONGS."

The freezer opened again and I heard more rustling.

You see, many people have a thing for Thin Mints. That's OK. No biggie. You eat your chocolate coated mint cookie. That's fine. But do not argue with me when I tell you that they do not hold a candle to the layers of fabulousness that is a Tagalong. Shortbread, peanut butter and then topping it off with a smooth chocolate coating ... your Thin Mints are no match.

P.S. The new Dulce de Leche flavor cookies are OK. Nothing to write home about.



sequined said...

I love Tagalongs! But my favorites are Samoas. Or what's the new name for those? I forget. But they're fabulous!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

My heart, too, belongs to the samoa.

Kyla Bea said...

I have never had a girl scout cookie in my life.

I think I might have to go find a den of girl scouts and demand cookies.

Jo said...

Sequined: I do love the Samoas. They've always been Samoas to me, but for a while they changed their name to coconut somethings... See, not a good name because it didn't stick!

Maiden: Yes, Samoas are good, but the Tagalongs, I mean, really... Oh Lord!

Kyla: Oh Kyla! You are so missing out!

MattJ said...

Coconut has no place in a cookie, or anywhere else that isn't thai food. FACT! :D

Add the rest to the list of cookies I need to pack my suitcase with next time I am over stateside! :p

Olivia said...

I bought some once from a neighbor's kid, but I can't remember which ones, and what I liked!

When do they usually do the rounds?

Jo said...

Guys: Girl Scouts are selling cookies RIGHT NOW! Check out craigslist to find local Girl Scout cookie events! Buy the cookies!