Sunday, August 31, 2008

Caffeine free and easy?

I think that the key to happiness is balance. Small meals during the day balances out a huge plate of chili for dinner with gingerbread a la mode for dessert. Taking a break from physical exertion for a week balances out the insane amount of walking I'll be doing during my vacation. A liter of coffee in the morning balances out the beer and wine I'll be drinking that afternoon, although, getting a mad case of the mid-afternoon latte shakes isn't all that attractive.

So, on Thursday we awoke to no coffee in the coffee pot. This throws everything out of balance. We grind the beans and pour in the filtered water the night before so there will be coffee ready for the two of us to make it to work without murdering small woodland creatures on the roadways. No coffee, no peace for squirrels.

I tried troubleshooting the damn thing on Thursday night, but still no luck. Something is wrong with the system of tubes that connects the reservoir to the drip basket. All worrying about coffee and no coffee makes Jo a very curiously angry girl.

So no coffee on Thursday morning, but I would be damned if I had no coffee on Friday morning, so I ground up some beans at home and brought enough to make a pot at work, though I staged it as one of those "treats" for your coworkers. "Lookee, everyone! I brought gourmet coffee for the office! Nevermind the coincidence that my eyes are barely open. I have dibs!"

Though, without access to the office pot, I had to get inventive this weekend -- a three-day weekend for me at that. So, I'm using my Bodum press instead of a regular coffee pot. It's not bad coffee. It's actually the opposite of bad coffee. The only thing is, it's very strong coffee. Where it would normally take me a good 5 or 6 cups to give me a decent case of the latte shakes, I'm over-caffeinated in only two or three. Yipes!


With a three-day weekend now half-wasted, I'm looking for things I've been meaning to do but haven't.

(I say it's half-wasted, but yesterday was awesome. Dave and I woke up and drank strong coffee, ate french toast coated in our backyard eggs with homemade wheat bread, hung around doing a few chores until we were hungry again, went to Souper Salad and gorged ourselves with healthy food. I had a nice nap, woke up and watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in bed. Went on a nice long walk just before dusk with the dogs, came home and cooked baked potatoes, had a beer and knitted until I was sleepy. Awe. Some.)

Some things I've been wanting to do:

1) Make an old pair of jeans into a jean skirt.
2) Finish knitting my socks
3) Finish knitting my sister's fingerless mittens
4) Expand the chicken coop's run
5) Yoga, yoga, yoga
6) Start on another knitting project (maybe a hat, maybe a scarf, maybe another pair of socks, who knows!)


Anonymous said...

i WISH i were brave enough to knit socks!! i just started my first hat this week.... :) sounds like fun knitting times though! are you on ravelry??

Jo said...

I am so on the rav! My name is BubbaJo

Olivia said...

Hey, BubbaJo, I am sooo behind on blogs.

Can't wait to see you next week! Surely by then I won;t be a useless blob!

Saw a yarn store the other day and thought of you. In fact I posted a pic :)