Saturday, August 16, 2008

Post-modern Emma Goldman

One of my coworkers handed me this far left-wing publishing catalog while I was sorting through some papers. I read through a few descriptions of the publishing house's offerings, but something jumped out at me. It was a book, much like a biography, of Emma Goldman, a famous feminist/anarchist. What struck me was the description of the book, that it was a personal look at a woman reviled for preaching birth control, for being a revolutionary, but didn't mention that although she pioneered a lot of things, she is most known for her preferance toward violent demonstration and the "propaganda of the deed."

Who writes a book about Emma Goldman and glazes over the part where she incited gruesome labor riots, the parts where she helped a friend attempt an assassination, the part where she sympathized with the anarchist that killed President McKinley? That is effing disgusting and entirely misleading. It's one thing to effectively usher in change a la Cesar Chavez or Upton Sinclair, but it's an entirely different thing to barter that change with innocent blood.

What bothered me even more was that my coworker might think I was interested in violent anarchist revolutionaries.

It's cool this morning, thanks to the rain we've had for the past couple of days. The outdoor thermometer says 75 F, which is an amazing respite for the usual parade of 100-plus-degree days in August.

The chickens are LOVING it. They're just running around in the back yard right now, devil-may-care and all. I think the blue jays and mockingbirds are actually petrified of these new, big birds in their territory. Every day I see a recently shed blue jay or mockingbird feather in proximity to the coop, so I know they're at least curious.

I made pizza for dinner last night. It was a really simple creation; whole wheat and spelt crust with a (store bought!) hummus base, sliced roma tomatoes and sliced red onions with low fat mozzarella. It really hit the spot.


It's funny that I broke down and made pizza, since Dave and I always have the Friday Dinner Debate. We treat Friday dinners as the cap of the week, so we like to do something different, whether takeout or going out. Dave had stopped by that hipster mecca that is Whole Foods earlier in the day to pick up a case of mineral water, and I thought that, hey, since he was there he would have the presence of mind to pick up dinner from their prepared food counter. No such luck.

Our pantry was relatively empty since we haven't had the time to make a comprehensive grocery store stop. If I was going to make dinner, I was goin to have to stop at the grocery store to pick up a few things (namely the roma tomatoes, red onions, hummus and mozzarella to make pizza. I also picked up a carton of spicy salmon rolls and brown rice california rolls just in case the idea of holing up in a hot kitchen became aberrant by the time I got home.

But the kicker is that although both of us went to the grocery store on Friday only one of us brought home food.

Let's hope I'm never incapacitated and unable to cook, because we both would surely starve if Dave was in control of the food supply.


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

That pizza looks great, where can I find a recipe for that type of dough?

Jo said...

I riff off of the recipe in The Joy of Cooking. Instead of using all purpose flour I use half whole wheat and half spelt.

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

I have to tell you that when I read this through the first time, I read something that wasn't really there. The I anxiously waited to hear more about the bread, came back, reread the post, and I don't know what I thought you were saying, something about the hummus in the bread recipe or something. I don't know what I was thinking. Meh.

Jo said...

There is hummus in there, it's just used as an alternative to marinara or tomato sauce. It's a pretty awesome swap!

Olivia said...

Woo. That pizza is designed to keep you on the ground all day! I'm full just thinking about it...

I haven't stepped foot in Whole Foods since moving to Brooklyn *pout*
In fact since leaving my cousin my diet has been less healthy - he used to cut up fruits for me, and we'd pick on all sorts of healthy stuff at night.

MattJ said...

Humus is smelly devil poop. Where's my chili recipe?! :D