Monday, August 11, 2008

Every so often a blind sow finds an acorn

I had a dentist appointment at 8 a.m. Monday morning, but I was really sweating it out on Sunday night. My Friday appointment with the eye doctor went sour (think sitting in an unfamiliar office without glasses or contacts for about 45 minutes, and when you're as nearsighted as I am and you rely on lip-reading for most communication, well, that should be illegal) and I was sure it was an omen for Monday's dentist appointment.

I was sweating it for no reason, though. No cavities, no grave prognosis! Even the cavity I thought I had was all in my head!

So my Monday easy-peasy dentist appointment was the kicker to a pretty decent weekend. Friday night was a work party -- a congregation of Olympic-caliber dorks watching the openining ceremony. Since it was in China, I brought a sixer of Tsing Tao, and I'll be damned if I only got to drink three of them! That's OK, though, because the host sent me home with one of those mini kegs of Bitburger.

It was a decent evening, considering I was 1 for 2 in pool, which was dissapointing since I usually dominate. I suppose I was out of practice. We called it a night relatively early and left at 11 p.m. We had a full weekend ahead of us, so we needed plenty of rest.

Saturday came too early for me, though, so I slept through almost half of it. That'll learn you, damn mornings! When I awoke I had to seriously get down to bidness. Dave and I went shopping and ran some errands. We got cool footstools from World Market for our Adirondack chairs! Yay! Pier 1 was ransacked as well. Great sales going on there.

We hit Lowe's, too, which I think is Dave's new favorite place in the world.

So, after our rash of consumerism, we came back home and cleaned like the wind. Well, Dave cleaned and I played with the chickens. I may have washed a dish or two, but mostly playing with the chickens.

I also had to get ready to go to Denton because one of my dearest friends in the whole wide world, Caff (not her real name), was graduating from University of North Texas. She was on the Dave England Graduation Plan (5.5 years). We were encouraged to skip the actual graduation ceremony, which Caff said would be as pleasant as the vigorous bout of diarrhea she contracted towards the end of her stay in Thailand.

But the highlight was meeting up afterwards for dinner and drinks and drinks and drinks ...


... and drinks ...


... and more drinks. That's Harry (not his real name), Caff's main squeeze.


Dave had a few thoughts he wanted to jot down really quick ...


Awww ...


These people... how could you not love them?


I really missed Caff's mom, who is a splendid lady.


Caff and I stayed up until 4 p.m. shooting the shit and whiskey, talking like we had never been apart. She's going to be working for a winery soon, and hopefully she'll move closer to Dallas so we can hang out more.

Sunday, well, like God, we rested. We needed to recover from the last night's bucket of fun. So did Mr. Orange, who commandeered Dave's leg for a few hours.


I baked bread, I cooked curry, the world rejoiced.

The End.


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Sounds like good reason to rejoice.

MattJ said...


Olivia said...

Nice weekend :)

My friend from Jr High in Plano went to UNT. In fact sometimes she drives up there to sit on campus and reflect on happy times.

Olivia said...

P.S. I wish we had a World Market out here, I miss that place!

Jo said...

World Market is so great! I love all the great wine and beer and neat food. Funny, last weekend I saw Matt's favorite biscuit on the shelves: Hob Nobs. I bought Dark Chocolate Digestives instead, though. :D

Olivia said...

I'm on an Oreos and milk kick at night. But with tea I like the Lu crispy cinnamon biccies.

It's too hot for digestives at the mo, so I don't miss them a bit. But ask me again in the winter...