Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Until the clouds part

Today started out gloomy in more ways than one. This morning I was greeted with more rain. Rain on top of rain that we've had for four days straight. It's like Mother nature left the faucet on while she was brushing her teeth. "Ohmygod! You guys are like, soaked and floating away and stuff! My bad!"

And then, there's the fact that my company is initiating what they call "calculated workforce reduction" and "right-sizing," which means "Hold on to your hats, peons!"

The big boss of the company walks through hordes of peons and lower caste employees every day, and yet he rarely looks us in the eyes. It's good to know, at least, that he feels somewhat guilty for sinking this poor, battered ship.

And, to top it all off, this is what I get to go home to:



We always wanted a backyard pond. Now we have 40.

At least we have some good news:


EGGS! (more on that, later)


MattJ said...

mmmmm I've become slightly obsessed with omelettes of late..... yummy goodness!
Are you withholding chili recipes until he resolution of our firearms debate?! I am generally unprincipled when it comes to food and am willing to sell out my convictions for a killer recipe?

Jo said...

Actually, I'm still digging. I know I have the old Conroe Fire Department's chili recipe, but it's in a book my mother gave me, and I think it may still be packed away from our move (a year ago!). Be patient, grasshopper!

MattJ said...

Yeah, we have a saying over here in the UK: 'Carrot cake cookie promises don't put food on the table!'


Anonymous said...

Eggs! The crowing ones aren't roosters?