Saturday, August 02, 2008

The only time in your life...

... when you're concerned about gaining weight instead of going insane trying to lose it.
... when you can crap your pants and nobody cares.
... when it's OK to eye a woman's breasts and make sucking noises.
... when people will kiss your toes and it's not a fetish.

My sweet niece, T, was born on a Tuesday in July. She's 7 pounds, 15 ounces of beautiful.

We're spending the weekend with my sister S and her husband B in Houston so that we
can soak up as much of little T's gorgeous mug as she will allow.

I was holding her earlier and she cast this spell on me; every fiber of my body knew that everything would be OK as long as she's happy. She's cute when she cries (rare) and sweet when she toots (often). She's got her mother's mouth, her father's eyes and she's every bit as wonderful as God could possibly muster.

Good luck, kid. This world is a doozy. If you ever need help, I'm only a phone call away in Dallas.

1 comment:

Olivia said...

LOL, all good points you make.

She already has strong features for such a young one.

Congratulations on your aunthood!