Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Checking my list

Goals and aspirations mean nothing without a little friend I call motivation. I got a couple of things done this past three-day blitz of laziness, though I didn't rock my entire list.

1) Make an old pair of jeans into a jean skirt. (Made an AWESOME jean skirt out of an old pair of stretch Levis! Love this so much I think I'll take it on vacation with me!)


2) Finish knitting my socks. (Oh yes I did. Yet something else I love so much I'm thinking of taking them on vacation with me!)


3) Finish knitting my sister's fingerless mittens. (Don't hate. I didn't get this done but I made some serious progress.)

4) Expand the chicken coop's run. (Yeah, so it was 100-plus degrees outside, and well... I'm not big on sweating.)

5) Yoga, yoga, yoga. (Did some yoga. Worked mostly on my inversions.)

6) Start on another knitting project. (I started on a fingering weight pair of plain vanilla socks for Dave out of OnLine 75% wool 25% viscose yarn. Yay socks!)


Princess Pointful said...

I'm mad jealous of your productivity and craftyness... it takes me 15 minutes to sew on a button!

Olivia said...

I'm with Princess Pointful, though once I did purposefully decorate a light pair of black gloves with some mother of pearl buttons. Was so proud of my handiwork.

I cannot imagine how difficult it was to deconstruct the jeans enough to skirt it out, Jo!

Jo said...

It was so easy, you have no idea! It took me maybe an hour and a half.

I was in a department store this weekend looking for a new bag for our upcoming trip and I saw these vast racks of jean skirt that looked like they wouldn't cover even half of my rear end, and they were in the GIRLS section! (Are parents really dressing their children like that? Disgusting...)

Anyway, I saw the pricetags and thought, "YAY! By making my own I saved $40 and the poor mood of the fitting room!"