Saturday, May 16, 2009


My iPhone 3G and I have been pretty much attached at the hip since I got the cute little sucker (does that make me a cyborg?). It is completely different from my old phone in every way possible.

Old Phone:




Old Phone:

No internet


Internet, messaging, a somewhat real keyboard, and apps out the kazoo

Old Phone:

Overages all the time from text messaging



Old Phone:

No e-mail, and the amplifier was terrible


Clear calls, checking my e-mail every 10 seconds.

But, the thing that hasn't changed between pre-iPhone life and my current cyborg-like state is that I'm terrible at remembering to charge the little bastards. So last night, we were about to head out to a nearby bar and I went to grab my iPhone and it wouldn't turn on. Drats! I forgot to plug it in!

So, I had to brave the world sans iPhone last night, and, well, I had a good time (shhh... don't let the iPhone hear you).

We had a few (too many) drinks at White Rock Sports Bar, which is now better than ever since Dallas banned smoking in bars. Loved it. Jukebox and flatscreens out the wazoo, and the management still remembers us before we developed an intolerance for cigarette smoke in our hair and clothes. We watched the Rangers almost blow a lead in the 9th against the Angels, but then make out with a win.

I usually drink darker beers and flavorful lagers, which is so not helping my figure. Last night I decided to drink Michelob Ultra (gasp!) and let me tell you, it's really not that bad. My go-to beer is Sam Adams Light. For a light lager, though, Ultra isn't too terrible. I'm committing beer sacrilege right now, aren't I?

In any case, I'm sucking down juice and coffee like we might run out. I didn't learn my lesson from yesterday and I'm stuck with a hangover, again. Bleurg.

At least I'm reunited with my iPhone... and it feels so good...


Olivia said...

Trying so hard not to want an iPhone, happy enough with my Sony Ericssons...might consider an iTouch one day though...or at the least join the ranks of iPod people...

Josh said...

I always found those Michelob Ultra ads so ridiculous because they were always trying to sell it as a "healthy" beer and featured people cycling (in spandex and biking gloves) and drinking it.

As if beer quenches someone's thirst after a workout. Eww.