Friday, May 08, 2009

Quick update

Let's just do a fun haiku real hasty like...

Big cup of coffee
Will we have eggplant this year?
Tomatoes, perhaps?

I went out to grab the paper this morning (Yes, even though I was laid off from the newspaper, we are still subscribers. How's that for good karma?) with a huge mug of coffee in hand (not kidding, this cup rivals those mugs from Friends) I spotted something interesting growing in our front-yard garden. We planted a few veggies and herbs and stuff among our perennials and annuals, and one little eggplant seedling. I was really pleased that that sweet little seedling had a beautiful purple blossom on it.


And there was a blossom on a pepper plant, too.


And an enterprising fan of chickens left this in the wet concrete on a nearby sidewalk...


Also, don't let me forget, I need to get soymilk, yogurt starter, splenda and dishsoap from the market.

And I'm working on a project right now for some really good people. We'll need everyone's good vibes tomorrow. Just keep me in your thoughts because we really need a win here.

Also, if you didn't notice, there's a twitter widget on my sidebar. Go forth and follow thine tweets!


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Good luck!

sequined said...

That's cute in concrete!

And good luck!