Monday, May 11, 2009

Losing it

There's something about knitting that makes you a little crazy.

Not a lot crazy, but just enough that people who knew you before you started knitting can tell the difference.

Take, for example, that I've been knitting socks. Some people see this as probably the most futile hobby: knitting something that is going to wrap someone's stinky feet. I see where they're coming from, I mean, when my buddy Aubrey said she was knitting socks I said, "You're crazy! It's so fiddly! The gauge is so small! HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE TINY NEEDLES!" And then I had the audacity to say "I'll never knit socks!"

My, oh my, how foolish I was.

Since last year I've knitted 6 pairs of socks. I'm halfway through my seventh and (gasp!) starting my eighth pair. These socks, however, are no ordinary socks. These are stripey socks. These are awesomepants socks.

Don't believe me?

Look for yourself. I'll wait.

See? Awesomeness.

Also, one of my favorite knit bloggers, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, also known as The Yarn Harlot, is coming to Dallas on May 29. I am so ridiculously excited that I had to cast on for an impressive sock so that I could knit it in her presence.


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Nicole said...

Those are definitely awesome socks. The kind of socks that make me want to learn to knit!