Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You, complete me.

When it comes to knitting, this is more a demand than a statement. The UFOs in my knitting basket have demanded that I finish them off, and so I've been working to do that, even if it means I'm ridiculous behind on my sewing and magazine reading (I'm just now reading the December 2008 Yoga Journal, but we won't even discuss how behind I am on my Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine and Texas Monthly).

Let's start at the top:


A trendy, slouchy beret made from Joann's Sensations Licorice in a cutie, fruity colorway.


A pair of basic socks I made from OnLine Hiking colors that I started on vacation (in September, no less).

I've also made a basic 2x2 rib watchcap for one of my BILs and I've made plenty of headway on my lace ribbon scarf, but all of this knitting is preparation for the big kahuna: my first sweater.

Am I excited? Am I scared? A little bit of both.


junius worth said...

i thought i completed you? in that case. baseball you complete me.

Jo said...

I think there has been a misunderstanding. See me after class, Mr. Worth.

Kyla Bea said...

Oh my gosh, the hat is amazing! I'm starting on my first pair of mittens. I hope to finish them by next winter.

Olivia said...

Those socks look so comfy and I love the reinforced heel (?) Do you wear them out of the house, and if so, do you have an issue with the socks slipping down?

wanderingtex said...

after trying to give only knitted gifts for christmas, i have so many UFOs that i dont even try to start anything new, much less glance at my knitting box. gives me a panic attack thinking about all of those little buggers crying for attention....

Jo said...

Kyla: Good luck on those mittens! I try to sit with my knitting every day, and sure enough if I don't make progress, only much slower than I'd like!

Livvy: The reinforced heel is great for making socks last, and yes, I do have an issue with socks falling down, which is why I'm likely to switch to making ribbed shafts only, since ribbing tends to be a bit more rigid and will stand up better.

Tex: What helped me get through the holiday knitting was plenty of wine and my iPod. I'd find a cozy place to sit, grab a white wine spritzer, put on some She & Him and get to work!