Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Can't deny the evidence

1) I have not put pictures on my Flickr account in several weeks. I have been busy, but that's no excuse, really. Well, that and it takes FOREVER to upload photos now that I'm not using a card reader and the file size of the format I like to use with my 40D is HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE. Upside is that, although uploading is a pain, I love my new camera!

2) I put on a pair of my favorite lined suit pants today for work. I feel like I'm crammed into a sausage casing. Why did I decide to wear them today even when I knew they fit snug BEFORE I gained 5 pounds over the holidays? Am I that hard up for clean clothes? Am I a glutton for punishment, or just a glutton?

3)My sister, K., came to visit this past weekend. It was awesome. However. When I hang out with my family, I tend to overeat. I have a proximity eating disorder or something. That, and when someone tempts me with double-stuffed Oreos or Lindt Creme Brulee squares, well, I lose all willpower.

4) No. 3 could explain No. 2.

5) In an attempt to reduce the amount of caffeine I consume, I've switched to tea after my morning cup and stopped drinking so much diet soda. Now I'm addicted to coffee, tea AND diet soda.

6) I've been going to yoga more often and I have been trying to not be a couch potato, but it's so hard when most of your hobbies are sedintary. Knitting: gotta sit down. Sewing: sit. Reading: mostly sitting.

7) No. 6 could likely explain No. 2 as well.


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

"Am I that hard up for clean clothes? Am I a glutton for punishment, or just a glutton?"

I'm all three.

Dreaming of summer...

wanderingtex said...

ohmygawd lindt creme brulee mmmmmm. and yes, i can't fit into any of my fancy pants either. i keep blaming it on one thing or another because thank god i don't keep a scale in my apt. and at least you have clean underwear... right? thats how i judge when it's time to do laundry!!

sequined said...

I have been wearing only flowy shirts to hide the bulge over the top of my favorite jeans. The holidays were rough on all of us!

Olivia said...

Jo, tea is awesome with its antioxidants, whereas coffee has double the caffeine and destroys your bones, and diet soda is just plain baaaaaad!

So ner, you have been told!

LOL @ Sequined - my friends call that a muffin top.