Thursday, February 12, 2009

Irrational behavior

Sometimes I get my best ideas in the shower. And then I promptly forget them once I step out of my steamy enclosure into the ice-cold room.

What is it about the hot water streaming down that makes you think logically? Does it free up all the energy and brainpower you normally use to doubt or criticize yourself?

My shower is a portal of relaxation. I am not averse to the half-hour shower. I know this makes me a water waster, but I consider it a luxury, not a necessity.

So, I come up with fantastic blog posts in the shower, and like I said, I promptly forget them upon exiting. Perhaps someone should invent a waterproof netbook just for this purpose.


I must be seriously PMSing right now. Just a few moments ago, one of my superiors forwarded me some half-assed copy and wanted me to edit it. I found this completely unreasonable. This copy was so disgusting that I wouldn't have come in contact with it even if someone threatened to skewer me with a harpoon. So, while editing said shitty copy, I stewed and muttered profanity under my breath. This is so not like me.

Also, Dave is a fucking awesome man. I'm getting a massage on Saturday, thanks to my husband. Whee!!!!


So@24 said...

My ONLY good ideas come from the shower.

Why is that??

Olivia said...

It's true - I love the ideas I come up with in the shower, or as I am drifting to sleep. And never write them down, so they are lost forever.

Hey, my word verif is "arfshick" - you should use that on the next person who annoys you.

Anonymous said...

have you ever seen shower crayons??

good for ideas and a little bit of fun too. :)

MattJ said...

Persoanlly, I prefer a bath for relaxing and thinking, a shower is for getting clean!

All work should be carried out whilst muttering profanity, except when shotuing profanity. :D