Monday, February 16, 2009

The art of relaxing

For some reason completely unknown to me, I cannot relax. This would shock the shit out of the vast majority of my college friends who knew me as one of the most laid-back people.

My massage on Saturday afternoon was amazing. It was so very therapeutic. Side question: Is it inappropriate to hug your masseuse after you're done, re-clothed and being walked back to the front desk after the massage? Also, I asked a lot of questions about how I might soften my super tense (we're talking unyielding and rock-hard) shoulders in between massages.

Nothing about massage makes me uncomfortable. In fact, especially in yoga class, I have no problem with being touched. My yoga teacher, whom I greatly admire, adjusts my poses at will, helping me to stretch and feel comfortable in poses that might go beyond my frame of reference. I know some people are anti-touching, and I can't understand why.

But back to the point: I am never relaxed. I am always sitting up, looking into a little screen, watching the stitches slip from needle to needle in my lap, or reading something too close to my face.

And then I read an article on relaxation in Yoga Journal. I am not the only one that never relaxes, it appears.

My new goal: Relax for 30 minutes every day to help melt the tension away.


Olivia said...

It's funny, I'm comfortable with touch also, but I am completely rubbish at initiating it myself. And I'm always tense in the neck and shoulders, even sitting back in a comfy chair with my feet up and the laptop on my lap, wrapped in a blanket, I am not relaxed in the shoulders.

It's a conscious effort to remember those muscles and tell them to relax, and then a minute later you have to do it again.

Jo said...

No kidding, Liv! Sitting at a desk all day is the pits for my shoulders!