Wednesday, December 31, 2008

UPS: A love/hate relationship

I'm working from home today for the sole purpose of receiving my signature-required parcel that contains my Christmas/Birthday gift, i.e. this.

I know, right? Who wouldn't mind waiting for that beautiful piece of equipment.

Only, the UPS delivery guy pulled a major fubar: He didn't come to my front door.

He came to my side door. No doorbell. Just one of those little brown and yellow notes. No camera, but gee, a motherfucking note.

This would be OK in most instances. I'd get it tomorrow, right? Not today. I paid for 2 day air delivery and it won't be here until Friday you say? But the delivery man didn't come to my door. Doesn't matter, you say? I'll be God Damned if it doesn't!

I've gotten pretty used to getting a new one torn when I'm at work: I'm pretty much the sounding board for angry people where I work. I don't think I've ever really yelled at someone over the phone who was in a position to serve me. I was so close to it today. I could taste the rage on the tip of my tongue, but I swallowed hard before I could really let loose on the guy.

He said he appreciated it, and that a lot of people were calling with the same problem. I guess many delivery guys were cutting corners today so that they could hurry and get their drink on. Bastards.

So, the guy that was on the receiving end with UPS really hustled to make things right. I was certain that it was all for naught, but then he said that he got in touch with someone at the distribution center and that the truck would be coming around again. Thank you, Jeebus!

Now, if he leaves another yellow and brown motherfucking note, my opinion of UPS may change, but until then, the delivery men are douches, but the guys on the phone are seriously good people.

P.S. I have a chicken in my bathroom.

P.P.S. It's 4:18 and still no camera. Are they going to leae me high and dry?


Famulus said...

Cool. I have the previous model, the 20D. Nice kit. :-)

wanderingtex said...

this happens to me all the time, except not really bc i live in flat and only have one door, but it seems like they only come while i am at work or in the shower. i gave our delivery man 20 bucks and ever since then he leaves my pkgs at the bakery down stairs. :) but still totally frustrating!