Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Bangs Debate

I've worn bangs for quite some time, but as I started to grow my hair out and take a less-maintenence-is-more approach, I also gave no-bangs a shot. Now that I have glasses that I wear on a regular basis and I still have an enormous forehead, I'm rethinking the no-bangs.

The Bangs Debate seems to be a popular one, as of late. The Metallurgist has already thought and rethought cutting her bangs again. Kyla Bea has also trimmed her bangs, and got new glasses, which are totally bangin'!

I have had bangs of many lengths, and I'm unsure which is my favorite...

new haircut

vampy jo


Angel food batter


I'll be getting a trim this weekend. Y'all tell me which looks best.


MattJ said...

OK, start from the beginning, we don't have bangs over here or if we do we call something less silly :D

MattJ said...

OK, Yahoo! has answered my questions. We call it the fringe, because that's what it is :p

I'll be honest, they are all good looks and I'm struggling to pick which is best, what kind of glasses do you have?

Reckon any of the last 3 aret he ones that look most natural and, more importantly, easy to maintin!

Number 1 is very cool but is dangerously close to Emo, which would mean you'd have to start crying about how hard your life is because no one really understands how difficult it is when your mom doesn't buy you that car. You'd also have to listen some truly whiny music.

In conclusion, 3-5 with a preferences for 3 or 5.

Does 3 come with a free Margarita? If so, go with 3.

Famulus said...

I had no idea what they were either, but if it's a fringe, then I'm ok with that. Top two are the best by far! :-)

Jo said...

You guys know that you could have followed the links and found out what bangs were, right?

Awesome that Matt took it up with Yahoo!Answers, though!

Fam: I'm leaning towards No.2 right now. Dave has a strong preference for 3, though, and I don't think I have the patience to do No. 1, since that requires a long time under the flat iron. I think it's been narrowed down between 2 and 3!

wanderingtex said...

picture 3 picture 3!!!! 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3!!! but 2 would be okay too. :) i wish i could get my bangs to look at good as yours in all of these pictures...stupid cowlick.

MattJ said...

I reckon 2 is one of those cuts that looks effortless but takes a decade. Number 3!

Olivia said...

Oh, now I know why you looked different when I met you - your hair was up AND back, no bangs.

I like you in bangs. I like number 2 also, but since you say it takes too much time, how about the last one?

Kyla Bea said...

Aw, thanks for the mention miss! I love your bangs, and that picture #2 of you with the black top looking over your shoulder? That's pretty much the most amazing thing on the internet, in my books.

I like your laid back rocakabilly bangs. I vote for them = )

Jo said...

OK! It's settled! No. 2 it is!

I'll report back with photos after I get back from the weekend. I shall be leaving early Saturday morning.

P.S. Thanks for all of the sweet words, guys! Y'all rock!