Sunday, December 21, 2008

Knitting the knight away

It appears that everything else has taken a backseat to the needles and yarn. Yesterday there was some progress, but not so much that I'm jumping for joy or anything. At least the weather decided to come around yesterday. It dropped to 27 last night and we're stuck at about 30 today, no snow but it is windy and sunny.

Yesterday I started on the first of a pair of simple cabled socks:


And I finished up the pair of Maine Morning Mitts for my chicken-sitter, which I will deliver today:


And I'm almost finished with a pair of gauntlet-length mitts for another person on my list. Sadly, these won't be delivered until after Christmas....


And since I have a few knits that won't be delivered until after the holiday, well, I'm trying to speed up the ones that are due sooner than I would prefer... eep!

Dave's Christmas socks, however, have reached a glorious state of completion!


Hope you guys are keeping up, too!


Olivia said...

Same temps as NYC it seems.

Dave's socks are awesome in their stripiness! You are giving Missoni a run for their money!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my mitts!

The Chicken Sitter