Sunday, December 28, 2008

Simple. Luxury.

Often when Dave and I are in the middle of a home renovation crisis that is taking much longer than estimated, we find ourselves at wits end. We look around and feel defeated, like nothing will go right. It's sad, really, because this frustration is a true luxury. There are people who will not eat today. Others didn't eat yesterday, either. And yet my husband and I are frustrated that the wood putty is not a perfect match to the color of the paneling, and we will have to touch-up paint again. And don't even start about the baseboards...

It's a good thing that the chickens are very down to earth (literally, I mean, they do eat dirt, yanno).


They teach us to live and be modest ...


And Gloria wants us to be especially grateful for the fact that we live inside, and that we have central heat.


And yet...


For all of these lessons ...



They still give us so much.


And then we can appreciate the simple joys, the modest luxuries of fresh eggs, fresh bread, warm toast and delicious coffee.



Anonymous said...

you are totally right. it is so easy to get lost in all the stress of things that really isn't that big of a deal, but seems like it at the time. i constantly have to remind myself to just breathe and look around at all the great stuff i have. also, those eggs are beautiful colors!

Kyla Bea said...

Oh wow! They're all so beautiful! Taking a moment and reframing can be so hard - but being around such down to earth chicks probably helps.

Sorry I couldn't resist!!

Jo said...

Kyla, that was awesome-pants. Thanks!

Olivia said...

Pretty chickens, which are always fun to watch. Homelaid eggs, which are always more delicious to savor. Homebaked bread, which is always more fulfilling to enjoy.

These too are simple pleasures, and may your new year be full of such blessings.

Jo said...

Thanks so much, Liv! I am so in love with this simple yet beautiful things!

May your new years be filled with adventure!