Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A tonic, a distraction

If you weren't aware (and I'm sure that by now the world is watching with baited breath), the United States will elect their new leader today. I voted. I'm pretty proud of that.

But today marks the end of what has been a long, turbulent and emotionally taxing campaign. One of which I have been a sometime captive spectator. I've never felt such relief at having the end in sight when it comes to politics.

Now, my blog has never really been too political, other than to skewer some of the morons in Dallas' municipal charade, and I don't intend to start spewing about national politics, but all Americans should take a deep breath tomorrow, take a look outside the window and see that the world, in fact, did not end, no matter who is elected tonight.


I've been rather ill for the past week, and I've finally found the right cocktail of drugs to get me through the workday. Our autumn has arrived in Dallas, and I'm desperate to roll in the leaves that cover our drive, though Hornsby has already beaten me to the punch.

Also, if you can muster a few drops of solitude or energy, a friend of mine has been in a dreadful accident, and I'd appreciate it if you can send any thoughts or prayers you can spare here.


MattJ said...

Firstly, I never doubted you for a second. I always believed America was populated by intelligent, well reasoned people.

You are wrong though, the world would have ended if McCain got in with Apocalypse Annie at his side. But the last few hours would have been REALLY funny! Come on! You guys can come clean now - she was just there to scare the rest of the world wasn't she? No one like that could REALLY be real! :p

MattJ said...

Oh hey - what's it like having an electoral system where both sides have different ideas, policies abd stuff like that? It must be awesome! All we get to do is pick a colour.

Jo said...

I have to say that I'm kind of relieved this morning. The sun rose, people were smiling, it's all kind of been surreal.

Yes, unfortunately, Sarah Palin was real. And a lot of people really liked her, just not enough to get her and John McCain in the WHite House. I have to say that I think she repelled more people from their ticket than she attracted, and I know some Republicans that voted for Obama because they were sick of being patronized in such an obvious way.

And really, in the U.S., it is just "pick a color." If we had more than two dominant parties I might be inclined to think otherwise.

MattJ said...

Oh i don't know! At elast there are sides to an argument there, ours jjust say the same things but in slightly different ways lol!

Sorry to hear about your friend, glad he is on the mend

Olivia said...

Matt - funny that is exactly how I see British politics. Glad I'm not the only one.

I hope Palin goes back to Alaska and never comes out. She was completely incompetent and I cringed every time she opened her mouth in interviews.

McCain gets to go home and live in peace enjoying his family and his life, which is what he really deserves after serving his country for half a century.

It's time for the next generation, inexperienced maybe, but surrounded by great advisers, to take us into the 21st century. And this is what Obama will do.